The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Influencer Marketing 2021

In this article you will learn how to find best instagram influencer for your business and stand your business on right places .

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Influencer Marketing 2021

Influencer Marketing: What Is It and Why Your Business Needs It

If you'll spend few minutes on Instagram, there will a good chance you will come across an influencer post. And when it comes to effective marketing, Instagram is the best performing platform for brands that quickly reach new audiences. It is a very good channel for social action. With an average of 3.21% of all social media content, Instagram users are encouraged to like, comment and share on social media.

Does your business have an Instagram page? If you browse through this social network, you will come across some users promoting certain companies' products and brands. And you will find out that this method actually produces fantastic results. So, maybe it's time for your business to tap into this game as well. Like every other channel, it comes with its own risks, but in this article, we will discuss why this is a path you should follow. First of all, what is affecting Instagram? This is a user who is quite large and loyal on their Instagram profile, and therefore has the power to influence other people's opinions because they trust them. When you start your own Instagram game, you will often find yourself lost, clueless as to why your customer base is not growing. Well, marketing an Instagram influencer can help you to come up with a huge following to some extent. Therefore, instead of spreading in the dark, you should do your best to find the right Instagram influencers for your business, and watch as your marketing efforts boom, your audience surpasses the number you imagined Have, your products take care that they are eligible, and your sales go through the roof.

Find the right influencers

The first course of action is to find the kind of influencer that works best for your niche. The key is to target as close as you can because this is how you will be certain that your product really comes to light. Let’s say that you’re in the business of selling sports shoes. The kind of influencer that will work the best for you is, let’s say’, the one that focuses on “professional footwear for sports”. If you go for “fashion for men”, you will certainly make a lot smaller impact. The fastest way to find the right influencers for you is to use some of the useful tools that were made particularly for this purpose, such as Snapfluence, and Ninja Outreach. In fact, you can find many tools out there for your social media efforts, both for social media monitoring and social listening. What you need to be aware of is that Instagram marketing takes some time to get a hold of, and can also be costly. You will most probably find yourself browsing through a whole bunch of hashtags and posts before you find the influencer's network that is going to tell your brand’s story right. But, in the end, it’ll definitely be worth your time. 

Execute your influencer campaign according to particular goals

It is also essential that your campaign has particular goals set, in order for it to work. There is a wide variety of options out there for you for creating a successful influencer campaign.

  • Make sure that your influencers have your products (without charging them, of course) so that they can come up with giveaway contests. People love this approach, and it is bound to raise awareness about your business and brand, and bring more followers to you. Furthermore, it can generate buzz around the product that you’re promoting.
  • Sponsored post. This form of marketing consists of paying your influencer to come up with the kind of content that is appropriate for your business. What they can do is simply include your product in the content that they post, and tell a whole story about how and why it’s great, useful, and valuable. Basically, any goal that you are after can benefit from this approach.
  • You can ask your influencer agency to write a review of your product. This will help the audience get the necessary information about it so that they can decide whether they want to buy it. The trick is to make sure that the review is sincere so that it easily gains the audience’s trust. If you want to grow your brand awareness, instill trust in your customers, and boost your conversions, then this is the right approach for you.
  • Branded content. You can go the other way around and include influencers in your branded content. Basically, it will be your piece of content, but the influencer will be involved, and therefore, bring attention to it. You can include your influencer platform in a variety of ways, such as them trying out your product, or telling a part of your story. This is, of course, a great way to grow your audience.
  • Brand red program. Finally, you can make an influencer be your brand representative. Make sure that they get a discount code or link that they can post for their audience to see. Then, for every conversion that happens thanks to them, you make sure that a small percentage goes to them. This is a great tactic for boosting conversions and getting people to know about your brand.

Track results

According to web design and marketing experts behind GWM, you absolutely tirelessly have to track what’s going on with your Instagram influencer campaign. It is essential that you know what kind of results you are getting from the whole deal, in order to be able to conclude whether it is really paying off or you are just wasting your time. Tracking is also important for knowing whether you need to tweak certain elements in order to make everything work out better. There is a challenge to all of this, because of the fact that it is actually tough to measure your ROI when it comes to influencer marketing. That is why it would be smart to rely on a tool such as Grin or Bitly. Bitly is great because it helps you generate trackable links. All that you need to do is ask an influencer to post that link in their bio and the image caption.

Research has shown that Instagram is the top social media network for engagement, which means that it would certainly be a smart idea to tap into that game. It’s all about finding the perfect influencer, having exact goals that you want to accomplish, and then tracking your results in order to see whether the whole venture is panning out. Just follow how the campaign is going, tweak it if necessary, and enjoy the boost in brand awareness, number of followers, and of course, ROI.

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